T3 Clients


As an Interactive Designer at T3, I worked on a range of clients including Microsoft, Chase, UPS, 7-Eleven, MetroPCS, Phillips 66, and Allstate. Projects involved anything from prepping work for development, retouching photos and versioning banners to asset creation and art direction.

National Instruments


k12lab is an educational brand of National Instruments that supplements its LabView software and other classroom hardware. I worked on the frontend development of k12lab.com, a resource designed to help educators discover new teaching approaches using National Instruments’ products. I also contributed to the NI First trade show iOS app, various teaching and tradeshow materials, and the development of the k12lab brand.

Smith & Robot


While working at Smith & Robot, an interactive marketing agency in Austin, I worked on several internal branding projects as well as the website.



After Reebok launched its new site, I worked on a new email template with new branding, banner and email campaigns. I helped with the pitch as well, making sure the work was driven by a mobile-first mentality and that the content was modular and reflective of the community.


InteractiveBrandingCharacter design

Mud U is a Facebook app created for Jeep to reach a younger audience. Users interact with various woodland creatures to deface friend’s photos with mud, tying into an exceedingly popular activity among Jeep owners — mudding.

AT&T — Yellow Pages


Working with UI designer Theresa Neil, I helped produce interface designs for AT&T’s extensive online marketing service.



Breedlove & Associates needed a new brochure for new clients and nanny agencies. Instead of the standard brochure, something more memorable and worth keeping was created to inform clients about Breedlove’s services and basic nanny tax information.

The Root


The Root, a division of the Washington Post, is the leading online source of news and commentary from an African-American perspective. They hold regular events, which needed their own branding and materials. Materials ranged from a young and fresh design for their “Young, Fabulous, & Female” night to a more somber “Focus on Obesity” seminar; invites and signage were created for both.

Are You Watching This?


I worked on mobile designs for Are You Watching This?, including iPhone, Android, Google TV, and tablet layouts.

Mwari Magazine


Mwari Magazine was created to fill the gap in publications for young African American women. The magazine is completely digital and features a youthful design inspired by African textiles. They are available on issuu: Issue One Issue Two.

Lettering & Typography


I’ve worked with lettering and typography on several occasions. The mockup for Bill Miller was for their canned ice tea, a product that, sadly, never went into production. I’ve also worked on side projects for a local steampunk group.



I enjoy working with many illustration styles and mediums, including digital collage, printmaking, watercolor, and even fabric. The Wilco poster features blockprint illustration on muslin and was published in Fingerprint 2.

Illustrated Books


After specializing a bit in book design while in school, I ended up with a plethora of work. I collaborated with my mother on “Be Sure to Ask for Wylie”, the story of her experience as a single mother with an unconventional career. It was awarded gold in student graphic design at the Art Directors Club of Houston show. Cryptid is another student project with the ABCderium series that exhibits my appreciation for cryptozoology and unusual book formats. I created “A slim but distinguished volume of nursery rhymes” as well, showcasing a series of blockprint illustrations.